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Blueface Join Arthurs Day

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Blueface are an Irish Voice Over Internet Provider (VOIP) phone service provider.  Arthurs day (22nd September) has been a hugely successful marketing idea by Guinness.  The idea is that at 17.59 (or one minute to six pm) everybody raises a glass of Guinness to Arthur Guinness.  It originally started a few years ago to mark their 250th birthday.

Blueface Arthurs Day Guinness Advert

A blue Head on the Black Stuff

What is the connection between Guinness and Blueface?

Ah, surely it’s obvious.  Guinness must use Blueface for thier phones.  If they do they certainly aren’t listed in the blueface phonebook.  If Guinness are not using Blueface as a telecoms supplier they certainly should be in my opinion.  They would save themselves a fortune on telephone costs using VOIP (voice over internet provider) instead of POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service).

No, it appears that the link between Blueface and Guinness is that the staff in Blueface like the odd pint of Guinness and think that Arthurs day is a great idea.

Edit: It appears that I missed a link!  Earl of Iveagh, Edward Guinness invested in Blueface in May through VentureWave and is a director of Blueface.  He is also a direct descendant of Arthur Guinness himself!

Blueface make a blue pint of Guinness

Blueface have added a blue head to a pint of Guinness and put their smiley logo onto it. One might imagine that Guinness may not be over the moon with this hijacking of Arthurs day by blueface.
This is actually a very clever online marketing move by blueface. They sent out their offer of an extra 17.59% credit by email. As such it may never come to light over at James gate and the Guinness marketing department.
Even if Guinness do get wind of it, making a fuss about it would do them more damage than good. Blueface are after all propagating Guinness’s own marketing campaign and truly buying into the idea of Guinness being an Irish drink… Even if this is scarcely the case anymore.
I for one will be availing of the free credit, and I may even raise a glass to Arthur too (despite not being invited this year).

Why Guinness should not object to blueface jumping on the back of their marketing.

I have already mentioned that the blueface campaign actually promotes the Guinness campaign. As such, any backlash would come across as being petty and because of social media in particular could potentially start an avalanch of online bad feeling towards Guinness at exactly the time when they are trying to achieve the opposite. The internet loves a David and Goliath story. While blueface are the largest VOIP company in Ireland, they are still very definitely in the “David” category when compared to the might of Guinness and the Diageo group.

What is voice over Internet anyway?

VoIP is technology that allows you to make phone calls over the Internet. The benefits include cheaper calls and WAY more flexibility with your phone service. Need a phone number that can ring in two different physical locations? You can do that and much more with voice over Internet. I will write more about it in my next post.